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National Association of the Church of God
National Men (NMM)
National Men (NMM)

President, Rev. Erwin Lee
Chicago, IL

The Church of God National Men's Ministry (NMM) is a coalition of brethren like you, across the continential United States, including Canada and Berumda working together to fulfill the commission given to Peter by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to, "...strengthen thy brethren."

Rev. Erwin G. Lee, President (Chicago, IL)
Rev. Markus McDaniel, Vice President (Meadville, PA)
Min. Derek Irvine, 2nd Vice President (Montgomery, AL)
Rev. Kevin Johnson, Secretary (Accokeek, MD)
Rev. Brian Burton, Treasurer (Florissant, MO)


National Seniors
National Seniors

President, Reba Fowler
Akron, OH

The National Association Seniors Ministry is truly one of the pillars of the National Association of the Church of God. Our seniors, in the spirit of Caleb, understand that age is not a limitation of the effectiveness of ministry. Our seniors cover the association and our churches through out the year as our intercessor prayer force. Also they encourage churches to develop vibrant and vital senior ministries within their congregations to minister to the aged and the next generation.

National Ushers

President, Joseph Scarborough, President
Lynchburg, SC

The National Ushers Ministry serves the various meetings of the National Association of the Church of God, West Middlesex, PA by maintaining a spirit of reverenance, and worship. For more information regarding the National Ushers and upcoming events visit their website.

Elizabeth Cheeseman-Martin, Vice President (Brooklyn, NY)
Gloria Dillard, Secretary (Southfield, MI)
Dr. Christina Stringfellow, Executive Assistant (Chicago, IL)
Diane Spellman, Treasurer (Seattle, WA)
Luvenia Evans, Assistant Treasurer (Windsor Mills, MD)
Danielle M. Ravenell, Registrar (Summerville, SC)
Sanrel Jackson-Short, Spiritual Resource Coordinator (Tampa, FL)
Elizabeth Gaddis, Floor Coordinator (Columbus, OH)
Esther Deans, Advisor (Washington, DC)
Donna Ravenell, Advisor (Moncks Corner, SC)
Laura Pharr, Pioneer Scholarship Administrator (Settle, WA)
Bessie Smith, Community Missions Administrator (Tuscaloosa, AL)

National Association Women (NAWCG)

President, Reverend Saundra McNeese
Houston, TX

The National Association Women of the Church of God are Christian women united across the United States (including members from Atlantic and Caribbean countries and Kenya) to honor God and celebrate one another.  For more information on the NAWCG and upcoming events please visit their website.

TBA, 1st Vice President ()
TBA, 2nd Vice President
Reverend LaShelle Shields-Hill, Secretary (Cleveland, OH)
Sister Linda Mitchell, Treasurer (Chicago, IL)
Sister Janet Watson, Stewardship Director (Bolingbrook, IL)

Wimbush-Benn Building | The women are spearheading the construction of a new meeting and ministry facility on the Campground of the National Association. It is available for events and activities during our annual Camp Meeting and usage for retreats by various groups during the year.


National Youth Ministry

Children's Corner Camp Meeting
Director, Jeff Newell
Brooklyn, NY York

Children are the life blood of the National Association of the Church of God. Here, we take serious our mission to reach and disciple children with the gospel of Jesus Christ. During our Camp Meeting in August our children participate in scripturally based learning activities during the entire week.


Director, Rev. Leslie Barnes
Akron, OH

Youth Excellence Performing Arts Workshop (YEPAW) on an intensive scale. YEPAW's mission is to encourage youth, through the arts, to pursue lifestyles of excellence. During our week-long Camp Meeting in August this dynamic ministry is brought to Zion's Hill. For more information on YEPAW visit their website at

Youth Camp
Director, Sherill Durham-Sanders
Lexington, KY

Summer Camp like no other! For one week in the month of July youth from all across the nation ascend the hill of NACOG's Campground. During that time they are exposed to ministry through teaching, the arts, activities and team building.

Director, Sherill Durham-Sanders (Lexington, KY)
Registrar, Joette Gibbs (Hermitage, PA)

Board of Directors
Rev. Dr. Don Bethany (Brooklyn, NY)
Lady Doris Davis (Columbia, MD)
Danielle Sanders (Lexington, KY)
Min. Rhema Davis (Columbia, MD)
D. Sherill Sanders (Louisville, KY)
Bernard Durham (West Friendship, MD)
Deidre Sanders-Frye (Centennial, CO)
Portia Shephard (Hermitage, PA)

For More Youth Camp West Middlesex Information click the link


NIYC- National Inspirational Youth Convention
President, Min. Michael Copeland
Brooklyn, NY

The National Inspirational Youth Convention (NIYC) is the granddaddy of the National Association youth ministry. Held every December, it is the culmination of year-long activities design to impact, inspire and launch the next generation to do Kingdom ministry in the earth. For more information on NIYC and the upcoming convention visit their website.

Pastor Matthew Quainoo, Vice President (Kissimmee, FL)
Min. Allyson Smith, Second Vice President (Atlanta, GA)
Rev. Kevin Osbourne, Presidential Advisor (Brooklyn, NY)
Kim and Josh Porter, Directors of Worship (Akron, OH)
Chris Collymore, Treasurer (Brooklyn, NY)
Erica Pruitt, Registrar (Detroit, MI)
Inocensia Chilsom, Registrar (Kissimmee, FL)
Brandon and Leah Williams, Marketing & Communications,(Brooklyn, NY)
Steven Chisolm, Production Manager (Kissimmee, FL)

PO Box 357, West Middlesex, PA 16159
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