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National Association of the Church of God

Rev. Dr. Arnetta McNeese-Bailey, CODO

The Campground of the National Association of the Church of God, West Middlesex, PA sits on several acres of land in the Shenago Valley in Western Pennslyvania. It is the oldest black-owned campground in the United States. The vision of Elijah Wimbush, who sought a gathering place for the people of God. The campground has become a place of spiritual birthing, renewal and transformation for several generations.

As you drive up the winding road on what we affectionately call, Zion's Hill, you can sense the presence of God welcoming His children to this precious place of revival. The center of the campground is the R.S. Jackson Memorial Tabernacle, the place of worship, which is surrounded by the cabins and homes of many of the members of the association. Just in the time of Moses, the Tabernacle was the center surrounded by the camp of Israel. The campground also has various public spaces, such as, the Mary Terrell Dinning Hall, Wimbush-Benn Building, Philips Youth Complex, Crosswhite Dormintory, Frisby Hall, the Medical Building, the NACOG Museum and the Concession Stands.

A Campground of this size takes the dedication of faithful servants to care for the grounds. The churches and people of the NACOG plays a vital part in the upkeep of this precious place through their presence and presentation of financial support. For more information on how you can support financially, contact Rev. James Brown, CFO.

Campground Staff
Rev. Dr. Arenetta McNeese-Bailey, Chief Operating and Development Officer (Vienna, OH)
Rev. Rhema Irvine, Office Administrator (Montgomery, AL)
Joette Gibbs, Office Assistant (Sharon, PA)
Robert Flynn, Campground Manager (Sharon, PA)
Charlie Mitchell, Special Advisor (Sharon, PA)

Homeowners Association (HOA) 

Beverly Alford

The Homeowners Association (HOA) markets, manages, and oversees the purchase of lots on the Campgrounds. Our homeowners are encourage to maintain their properties in such as way that the beauty and the spirit of the Campground is maintained. For more information on available lots and homeowner questions contact Beverly Alford, chair of the HOA.

PO Box 357, West Middlesex, PA 16159
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