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By Rev. Dr. Carron Odokara


The National Association of the Church of God (NACOG) camp meeting on Zion’s Hill in West Middlesex, Pennsylvania, is an event that many of us look forward to attending each year at the beginning of August.  This year’s camp was filled from Sunday to Sunday with speakers who challenged us to “Revive and Rebuild” based on this year’s theme.  We heard from men and women, old and young, each morning and evening, along with the inspiring worship that directed us to seek God again and again.     


This year, it was exciting to see many first-time attendees who came to see for themselves what many of us have enjoyed and encouraged them to join.  Zion’s Hill has always welcomed many different people from many different backgrounds, and the times of worship provide a moment to experience unity as we worship together.  At camp meeting, we are all invited to appreciate the history, to experience the present, and to see the future dreams for ministry impact.  Camp meeting is an annual homegoing to see friends from various parts of the country and, most importantly, to encounter God afresh for encouragement and direction in life and ministry.    


This year marked a transition point as we saw the empty field where a new building will be constructed to replace what was lost with something that will be better and more versatile to expand ministry opportunities.  The “For Our Future” campaign gives us hope that we are moving from the impactful ministry of the past into greater opportunities in the future.

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