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By Jeff Newell

In keeping with the main theme of our camp meeting, “Revive & Rebuild,” we chose as a subtheme “The Roman Road.” It seemed only right that if we were going to “Revive & Rebuild,” that we base it on the fundamentals of our faith.

  1. Rom 3:10          A Big Problem

  2. Rom 5:8            Hope for the World

  3. Rom 6:23          Death & Life

  4. Rom 10:9          Hear, Believe, Confess

 So, each day we used one of the scriptures in Romans as our memory verse. Then based our crafts and small group activities on the scripture of the day.

Each day started with Prayer and Devotion, all led by different youth staff, who, in turn, called on the children to help in the prayers and devotions.

After that, I would lead the large group in the scripture memory verse by various means. And go over the main lesson for that day. Before breaking up into small groups for more personal attention through crafts, activities, games, and more in-depth lessons on that day’s scripture. We also had snacks and outdoor activities (weather permitting).

Every day at 2:00 PM, we had Children’s Choir Rehearsal to prepare for the Children’s Mini Concert on Friday, led by Sister Vicki Shaw. 

Finally, on Friday, after the concert. We took photos, had refreshments, played games, did a brief recap of the week's lessons, and gave out gifts in little backpacks to all the kids, as well as the crafts that they made for the week. 

I’d like to give a special thanks to Sister Murry Morris (who is a wonder with the small children) and my youth workers, without whom I’d never be able to manage ministering to all these bright, challenging, talented children. And a special Thanks to children’s book author Nicole Thomas for giving us a book reading in the middle of the week.

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