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By Pfalin Burton


 I can remember my first time on the hill with my parents and hardly knowing anyone. My first time on Zion’s Hill was the year of the centennial, and from there, I fell in love with it, or so I thought. God allowed me to not only pour into some of the young people, but He also allowed them to pour into me. The fun and fellowship I experienced, whether going bowling, skating, or just having a separate time for real conversation, allowed me to see that I have a strong love and passion for those coming after me. Working with the youth was and still is a highlight of my time on Zion’s Hill. I didn’t know what to expect. I did not expect to develop the relationships I did, I did not expect to create bonds, and I surely didn't expect to leave Zion’s Hill with the fullness that I have. To be present to see anyone make the choice to give their life to Christ is always a sacred and immense moment, but when a young person makes the choice on their own to seek Christ and get saved, it just does something a little different to me. This past week, when being excused during service, our sessions were focused on finding, understanding, and knowing our purpose. During those conversations, we were able to cultivate a safe space for each other, and the more time we were able to have with each other, the more connections grew. I will forever cherish the 107th year of camp meeting because God allowed me to be in spaces I would have never imagined being in, and through that, I am forever thankful.

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