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Rebuild Update

Blessings and Shalom NACOG Family and Friends,


So happy to report the recent developments as they relate to the Rebuild Initiative taking place on Zions Hill. Although it has taken some time to get the right people and processes in place, we are thrilled and excited to announce that by the time you receive this newsletter, construction on our new dining hall and kitchen will have begun. The footings and foundation have already been put in place, and the workers are moving forward with the determination to complete the exterior work before winter fully sets in. We are confident that this phase of the rebuilding initiative will be fully functioning in time for camp meeting 2024.


We are also moving forward with plans for extensive renovations on the Williams-Phillips Youth Building. This will include both the addition of a new wing and an improved floor plan. These expansions will greatly increase the overall functionality of that space and open new and exciting possibilities, including accommodations for hosting conferences and retreats and enlarging our capacity for additional housing as well. Our goal is to have most, if not all, of it completed by August 2024.


In addition to the improved lodging and ministry space at the Williams-Philips Youth Building, we are also planning to build cottages to be used as rental property. Each cottage will sleep up to 4, and each bedroom will come equipped with its own private bathroom. Occupants will share a kitchenette/lounge/dining area. The final design should be in place during the first quarter of 2024, with construction starting soon thereafter. This phase will depend on the amount of funds received. Rental cottages owned by NACOG will guarantee maintenance and enhance the landscape and beauty of the campground as well.


Lastly, we are committed to our continued effort of providing quality ministry to our children, always with the purpose of creating an atmosphere where they can encounter God in a meaningful way during their Zion Hill visit. Our goal is to enhance and maximize the learning experience by being intentional about designing a safe, welcoming, children-friendly, environment where they can feel appreciated, deeply loved, and valued. One of our primary reasons for beginning and ending our camp meeting a week earlier, moving forward, was due to our commitment to improving attendance, and minimizing conflict in our schedule with the start of the school year.  


I want to personally thank the many persons and congregations who have pledged almost 1/3 of the funds needed for the initiatives that are above and beyond the replacement of the kitchen and dining hall. The success of this vision will require much prayer, wisdom, supervision, and a substantial, but achievable, amount of additional funds. Several have already started their installment payments. We want to thank you and encourage your continued faithful monthly support. Others have already satisfied their entire pledge; we greatly appreciate you. We are challenging all our congregations, families, and friends, to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity of investing in this dream and leaving a legacy and a bright and exciting future for generations yet unborn.  I am confident we can do this and so much more if we stand, give, and work together, “For Our Future, and For God’s Glory”.


Your Co-Laborer In Christ

Presiding Elder Rev. Clifton McDowell Sr

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