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The More of God in 2024

Shalom and Happy New Year, NACOG Family

As we proceed into another year of ministry, service, and activities, I hope you will

pause and reflect on the goodness and faithfulness of God. He deserves our complete

allegiance and loyalty given all He has done to redeem us and establish us in life and

ministry. The Lord has continually demonstrated to each of us His love and kindness

throughout 2023. He is not only with us; He is for us. Indeed, our God is the God who

sees and surrounds us as we press forward according to His will and way in life and

ministry. I want to invite you to join with me in pursuing and preparing for “More in 24.”

Let us prepare for the more of God by consecrating ourselves to serve the Lord’s

purposes this year in and through our families, this association, our congregations, our

communities, and our cities. Let us prepare for the more of God by refusing to be

pressed into the mold of the sinful culture that is thriving all around us. Let us prepare

for the more of God by positioning ourselves in the places of unity where the Lord

commands His blessing. Let us prepare for the more of God by not allowing walls of

human origin to divide and distract us from advancing the Kingdom of God together.

Let us prepare for the more of God by being generous in our giving, compassionate in

our disposition, supportive in our service, and gracious in our interactions with others.

Elections, economies, ethnicity, or enemies of the faith do not determine the more of

God for the people of God. The more of God is dependent on how wide, how long,

how high, and how deep the love of God is towards His children. The more of God is

always in the hand and sovereignty of God as He looks for those who love and seek

His purposes rather than their own.

Will you join with us as we pursue and prepare for the more of God through the “For

Our Future” Capital Campaign on Zion’s Hill? It is said, when lifting heavy loads, that

“more hands make the load lighter.” Right now, NACOG is lifting a very heavy load that

will be made lighter as more and more supportive individuals, congregations and

organizations commit to investing towards a part of the one-million-dollar goal in 2024.

I am excited about the swift progress already being made through the rebuild initiative

and the limitless possibilities as we pursue together the more of God in 2024. May the

Lord bless and prosper you this year as you lift Christ and raise up generations of

disciple making disciples.

Pursuing and Preparing For “More in 24”

Rev. Clifton McDowell Sr

Presiding Elder

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