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For Our Future Update

We had a glorious time of worship, preaching, and celebration this past summer on Zion's Hill. On Sunday, August 13 our For Our Future Capital Campaign Co-Chairs, Bishop Timothy Clarke and NACOG Vice-Presiding Elder Dr. Cheryl Sanders, introduced the campaign and invited pledges and gifts to finance a three-phased development plan at an estimated overall cost of $3.5 million:

·      Phase I - New dining hall construction and renovation of the Williams-Phillips Youth Building

·      Phase II - Children's Ministry Center

·      Phase III - NACOG-owned rental cottages for convenient conference lodging

After the end of the worship service, the congregation made the short walk to the construction site for a groundbreaking ceremony led by Presiding Elder Clifton McDowell and CODO Dr. Arnetta McNeese Bailey. With hard hats on their heads and shovels in their hands, by faith, our NACOG leaders and elders broke ground "for our future." We are guided by a vision to expand and upgrade our historic campground facilities so that we can offer events and programs with greater impact on the lives of all generations—children, youth, adults, and seniors.


On Groundbreaking Sunday in August 2023, we received 104 pledges for a total amount of $374,570, more than one-third of our initial goal of soliciting $1 million in pledges. We encouraged our donors to make ten monthly payments, four quarterly payments or a single donation to fulfill their pledges by July 31, 2024. As of October 31 we have received a total of $170,925 in pledge payments. It is our confident expectation that everyone will honor their pledges in a timely manner, and that others will join us in giving as the work progresses.


Speaking of the work, we have started Phase I of our For Our Future Project! The construction of the new dining facility on Zion's Hill got underway on Monday, October 30. Projected completion date is May 2024. Thanks be to God!


The Rebuild Committee has been working diligently to secure the best options, expertise and ideas for all phases of our campground development. Our builder is Rien Construction, a general contractor based nearby in Brookfield, OH. Our construction manager, Mark J. Voytik of Voytik Construction Co. in Mercer, PA, is providing day-to-day oversight of our project. The projected cost of the new building is $1,346,800. By faith we believe that the saints will enjoy greeting one another and eating together in our new dining facility when our next Camp Meeting convenes during the week of July 29 - August 4, 2024.


Meet our Rebuild Committee: Clifton McDowell (Chair), Lora Adams-King, Arnetta Bailey, Aaron Bowens, James Brown, Angelique Crumbly, Izetta Phillips, Cheryl Sanders, Stephen Terry.


Meet our Capital Campaign Committee: Timothy Clarke and Cheryl Sanders (Co-Chairs), Arnetta Bailey, Derrol Dawkins, Carol Merritt, Izetta Phillips, Paul Sheppard.


Rev. Dr. Cheryl Sanders

Vice Presiding Elder

Co-Chair, For Our Future Capital Campaign

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